Reflections on 2017

2017 has been a year of great sadness and trial, but equally, it has been the most rewarding year by far. Yes I’ve lost – I’ve lost what was most important to me and I found myself in an abyss I thought I could never leave, but while I was in that space I learned […]

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Lookbook: 1 Dress, 2 Looks

There’s a general unspoken rule that says that you may never recycle outfits. Be it the apocalypse, plague or whatever come what may… you should never get caught wearing the same outfit twice. Being a blogger, this rule is governed by a strict code and is constantly reinforced by others who subscribe to the world […]

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Look Book: Skrrr Skrrr

Ladies, have you ever dealt with a man who was so inconsistent that he was consistent with his inconsistency? I know I have. It’s a Friday night and I have once again been stood up. I would have been pissed if this were petty me from a few months ago, but after enduring the greatest […]

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Letters to my lost

Dear x, I’m sorry you lost me. I wish I could have been what you wanted me to be but I just didn’t have it in me to change to accommodate you. In the end, it was a close call in choosing you or me and (un)fortunately, I won. We shared so much, and yes, […]

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